How Many Beaches does Grenada Have?

Fishing boats floating around Sauteurs Beach in Grenada

When considering travel to Grenada many wonder how many beaches does Grenada have? It’s an interesting question with a shocking answer, considering Grenada is such a tiny island. How many beaches does Grenada have? Grenada

Leatherback Sea Turtle Tours in Grenada

A leatherback sea turtle swimming.

Leatherback turtles are the largest species of sea turtle and can be found on the shores of Grenada. These creatures are now endangered due to various factors, and there is a big focus on preventing

Ecotourism in Grenada

Grenada offers everything you would expect from an island destination: stunning beaches, fascinating underwater worlds, and relaxed village vibes. In recent times, the country has been adding ecotourism opportunities to the list so tourists from