With more than 25 years of Caribbean travel under my belt, I’ve stayed in many countries, cities, hotels, and resorts. I’ve flown on lots of planes and gone through tons of airports. I’ve done numerous tours and excursions, bought gallons of sunscreen, and packed over a hundred suitcases.

I’ve learned a thing or two and feel confident by sharing my experience; you will save yourself some pain and suffering and skip straight to the good stuff.

Below are the places and things that I have personally experienced and recommend. If I haven’t been there, bought it, or used it, you won’t find it on this list. Truth!

While it’s true I earn a small commission for anything you purchase (thank you, by the way), it’s not enough to sell my soul 🙂  Enjoy!

hotels & resorts

room key danging out of hotel door overlooking ocean


Natural Tone Organic Suncare Sunscreen

tours & excursions

rental bikes on key west

travel books

An opened book with grass and a tree popping out

Travel Insurance