The Best Beach Bars in Grenada & Carriacou: Belly up!

No island vacation is complete without a visit to a great beach bar (or five!). Relax with a cocktail in hand as you watch the waves lap up on the shore, a million miles away from the monotony of everyday life. I compiled a list of the best beach bars in Grenada to ensure you make the most of your island vacation!

Without further ado, here Grenada’s best beach bars:

  • Laluna Grenada Beach Bar
  • Umbrellas Bar
  • Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar
  • Esther’s Beach Bar
  • La Plywood Beach Bar and Café
  • Off The Hook Bar and Grill
  • Hardwood Bar
  • Joan’s Beach Bar
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Beach Bars in Grenada

The beach bars on Grenada are all located in the southern part of the country.

General locations of the best beach bars in Grenada (Not to scale, locations are approximate).

Laluna Grenada Beach Bar

Part of the luxury Laluna Resort, the Laluna Beach Bar should be on your must-visit list. The open-air bar faces the west, perfectly situated to watch the sun go down as you enjoy a drink. 

The overall theme is Zen and relaxation, with Balinese-style daybeds placed around the outdoor deck. The bar is right on the white sand, with part of it covered with a thatched roof that gives off serious island vibes. 

The menu is on the pricier side (as expected at a luxury resort), but they do have a happy hour from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm each day so you can enjoy the space and the sunset even on a budget! Live music can also be enjoyed each Sunday starting at 6:00 pm.

  • Where is it: St George’s, Grenada on Portici Beach
  • Best time to go: In the evening to enjoy the sunset, or happy hour 5:00 pm-7:00 pm each day. Sundays @ 6 pm for live music.
  • What’s great about it: The location. It is steps away from the turquoise water while also being right next to the Laluna Resort pool. Facing west, it also provides excellent views of the sunset.
  • Be aware you can’t just walk up the beach to LaLuna’s. It’s located on Portici Beach which is surrounded by jutting points of landmass making your only access point the resort itself. i.e. Take a taxi!

Umbrellas Bar

Umbrellas Bar is located right on one Grenada’s most popular and scenic stretches of coastline, Grand Anse Beach. If the white, powdered sand isn’t a drawcard, the cheap drinks will be! 

People waving from the outdoor balcony of Umbrella's Beach Bar in Grenada.
Umbrella’s Beach Bar on Grand Anse Beach in Grenada

Umbrellas offers reasonable prices on beer, wine, and cocktails, reducing these prices even further during their daily happy hour between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm every day. The bar also serves affordable pub food – the perfect match for your cold beverage. 

  • Where is it: Grand Anse Beach, Grenada
  • Best time to go: Anytime! Go in the afternoon to enjoy the beach in the evening to enjoy the sunset or during happy hour (5:00 pm to 6:00 pm) for extra cheap drinks.
  • What’s great about it: The cheap drinks and good food. Umbrellas Bar is affordable at any time of the day or night and provides decent food in the same venue. All with an epic view!

Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar

Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar offers a quieter bar experience for people looking to chill out. 

Essentially a shack located right on a white-sand beach, the bar is set up for relaxation, offering hammocks, swinging chairs, and picnic tables for guest use. 

Roger's Barefoot Beach Bar on Hog Island in Grenada
Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar on Hog Island in Grenada

This beach bar is kid-friendly, has excellent views, and provides authentic Caribbean vibes. It’s open from 3:00 pm onward on weeknights and all days on weekends, so kick back with a beer as you lie in a hammock and listen to the waves roll in! 

  • Where is it: Hog Island, St George’s Grenada (You can get here by water taxi or by braving a bumpy, unsealed road and then walking over a bridge).
  • Best time to go: In the evenings on a weekday or in the afternoon on the weekend. Perfect place for a relaxed afternoon in the sun.
  • What’s great about it: The vibes. The barefoot beach bar has no shoe requirements and offers authentic Caribbean vibes. There’s always music and happy people to ensure you enjoy your time here.

Speaking of Hog Island, check out my article Why Grenada’s Hog Island is Hog Heaven.

A view of Grand Anse Beach from Esther’s Beach Bar in Grenada

Esther’s Beach Bar

Located in a prime position on Grand Anse Beach, Esther’s Beach Bar is the perfect place to get out of the sun and cool down. It is situated in the middle of the Grand Anse Arts and Crafts market, making it easy to find. Esther’s offers a solid menu with a range of drinks at affordable prices.

  • Where is it: Grand Anse Beach, right in the arts and craft market
  • Best time to go: When you need a break from shopping!
  • What’s great about it: The staff. Esther’s continuously gets good reviews for their customer services, with many people returning to see Esther and her employees. The location is also perfect.

La Plywood Beach Bar & Café

View of the sea from La Plywood Beach Bar & Cafe in Grenada

The perfect place to stop before or after a swim in the ocean is La Plywood Beach Bar & Café. This local establishment offers local beer and fresh cocktails alongside a somewhat limited menu. Excellent service, good rum punch, and a great location!

  • Where is it: Morne Rouge, Grenada
  • Best time to go: In the afternoon; it’s a perfect place for a break from the beach
  • What’s great about it: Location and local feel. The La Plywood Beach Bar and Café is a small, local place that overlooks the beach and provides snacks and cold drinks.

Beach Bars on Carriacou, Grenada 

Carriacou also offers beach bars where you can get a cold beverage with a view.

General locations of the best beach bars on Carriacou (Not to scale, locations are approximate).

Off The Hook Bar and Grill

Located right on the sand, Off The Hook Bar and Grill is the perfect place to relax with a drink and some food. 

The theme is very much local Caribbean, with the bar being in a beach shack decorated in bright, tropical colors. There is a range of seating options and hammocks, so pick where you feel most comfortable! 

  • Where is it: Paradise Beach, Carriacou
  • Best time to go: Afternoon or evening. Go at a time when you can enjoy the quiet beach. 
  • What’s great about it: The view. Think postcard-worthy turquoise waters and white, powdered beach.

Hardwood Bar

An open-air bar where you can mingle with locals, Hardwood Bar offers great food and drinks. The prices are suitable for the location, and the staff is extremely accommodating. Head in for local, home-cooked food and one of their renowned rum punches!

  • Where is it: Paradise Beach, Carriacou
  • Best time to go: Anytime
  • What’s great about it: The local feel. The place is unpretentious, serves home-style meals, and is frequented by locals. 

Joan’s Beach Bar

A small bar at the quieter end of Paradise Beach, Joan’s Beach Bar is a local place that serves cold drinks and good food. Set overlooking the beach, it is the perfect place for a quiet sunset away from the crowds. The local cuisine is a big drawcard, with many travelers returning to the bar solely for the grub!

  • Where is it: Paradise Beach, Carriacou
  • Best time to go: For lunch. Pair a cold beer or a pina colada with a local fish dish! 
  • What’s great about it: The location. Joan’s Bar is a relaxed place located in a quiet part of Paradise Beach, making it easy to relax and switch off.


Whether you are looking for energy and good vibes on Grenada or seeking peace and quiet on Carriacou, we’ve got you covered. 

This list of beach bars will ensure you make the most of your holiday by enjoying a drink with a view! While all of these places offer something different, the thing they have in common is an epic beach scene to enjoy while you sip on a cold beverage. 

If you’re feeling really indulgent, why not try more than one? Check out the mainstream venues as well as some smaller places that will offer two different experiences and two unique insights into the Caribbean culture.

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