Visiting Fort Frederick in Grenada: All You Need to Know

Grenada is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and one of the best ways to see it all is from atop its forts. The highest fort of all is Fort Frederick, and it can give you more than just spectacular views. 

If you’re planning on visiting Fort Frederick, here’s some essential information you should know:

  • Fort Frederick is open every day from 8 am to 5 pm 
  • The entrance fee is EC $5
  • It’s often called “the backward-facing fort”
  • It’s located in the capital, meaning that there are plenty of things to see in the vicinity. 

Fort Frederick is a magnificent fortress overseeing St. George’s. It offers an insight into the history and culture of the area. So, let’s find out more about this fort and why you should visit. 

About Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick is one of many forts in Grenada, located at the top of Richmond Hill, a two-mile hike from the center of the capital, St. George. It’s in generally good condition compared to other forts and one of the most beloved areas to roam by both tourists and locals. 

There are spectacular views from every corner — you can see everything from lush greenery on one side to the bustling town on the other. 

It’s open to the public every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the entrance fee is quite low, around EC $5. 

Why Should You Visit Fort Frederick? 

People mostly visit Fort Frederick for the views and history. As a symbol of the island’s turbulent past, it offers a unique insight into how the change in power worked over the centuries. 

There are three other forts around it that you can visit for even more history and an even better clue on the history of Grenada. 

Vistas from the top are unforgettable. To the south, you can gaze upon St. George in all of its colorfulness and beauty, while on the north, you’ll admire the thriving nature and greenery. It’s a stark contrast between urbanism and wildlife but also a welcome compromise. At each point, you’ll see something different and capture the spirit of Grenada. 

What To Expect

In Fort Frederick, you can expect to admire world-class views at every corner. The mornings are the best time to go because that’s when you can see the sun meet the shores of Carenage and the harbor. Of course, evenings might be even better, as the fiery sun rays break across the sea and enter the city. 

Both the morning and the sunset are excellent times to take some pictures and experience that quintessential Caribbean spirit. At any time in the day, you can get a clear view of many important aspects of St. George. For instance, you can spot the airport and the southwestern peninsula, as well as the University, beautiful beaches including Grand Anse, tiny islands scattered across the sea, and so on. 

If you happen to be there between July and August, you’ll be greeted with blossoming Flamboyant trees at the entrance, which makes the experience even more spectacular. At any time of the year, the fort is easy to access. Be aware, though, that if you decide to walk, it’s quite a steep hill, and it won’t be easy. 

The fort is not maintained — it’s largely in ruins, but it’s still explorable. Don’t expect to get a lot of information on the history of the place from within the fort itself. This is why it’s good to read up on the story behind it or get a good guide, whether as a part of a tour or a one-off trip. 

Should You Book In Advance?

There are good reasons to book a tour of Fort Frederick. For example, the guide will be able to tell you stories about the place, and they will know where you should go for the best views. These tours usually don’t just end in one place — most of them will take you to other forts, as well as some of the most significant spots in and around the city. 

Find a tour you like and definitely book it in advance. Naturally, you can just come up to the fort’s entrance and pay for a ticket — no booking required — but in this case, you’ll be left to roam on your own. 

The History 

Fort Frederick is a bastion fort built by the French in 1779 after they took the island back from the British. It was created with the purpose of defending from an inland attack since this is how the French took the island back from the British. 

The British, naturally, expected a naval attack, and they weren’t ready for this. So, the French decided to dedicate Fort Frederick to defending against the attacks from the land. This is why the fort is sometimes called “the backward-facing fort”.

Ironically, the British were the ones who completed it after regaining control of the island, and they kept the inward-facing cannons. Later in history, in 1983, America bombed the island during their intervention when Maurice Bishop took over the fort and used it as a home for his soldiers and assassins. The fort was badly damaged. 

The fort never actually fired a cannon, but its chambers were used to hold political prisoners. To this day, it’s one of the best-preserved forts on the island, although it went through bombings and hurricanes that brought severe damage. 

Places Near Fort Frederick

Once you absorb all the beauty that Fort Frederick has to offer and learn more about its history, it’s a good idea to continue your journey and explore more of Grenada. St. George’s is a wonderful city, full of interesting things to do and see. And there’s something for everyone, whether you like adventure or relaxation. 


Since Fort Frederick is located in Grenada’s capital, you will have many options when it comes to accommodation. Hotels range from budget-friendly with comfortable rooms and a warm, welcoming vibe to large luxurious resorts that can give you that true Caribbean experience. 

Just two miles from Fort Frederick, you’ll find Radisson Grenada Beach Resort, a fantastic hotel with beautiful gardens and beach access. The friendly staff is one of its staples, as is food and the ability to accommodate all of your needs when it comes to food and entertainment. 

A mile further is Calinago Beach Resort, conveniently located on Morne Rouge Bay. The feel in there is authentic to the island — tropical, quaint, and peaceful. You’ll get a beautiful view no matter which room you stay in. 

At Point Salines, you can find Grooms Beach Villas and Resort, which, next to fantastic vistas and a warm environment, also features friendly staff and generally low prices for a budget-friendly stay. 


There are many great restaurants in St. George’s, so you’ll have no shortage of choices. Most restaurants on the Carenage and near the coast serve excellent seafood and traditional specialties. In the town, you can also find international restaurants and street food vendors. 

On Grand Anse Valley Road Woodlands, you can find Boots cuisine, which serves Caribbean cuisine. With outdoor seating, you can get marvelous views and a comfortable atmosphere. 

Even closer is Grenada Yacht Club, where you can dine on the yacht. With good food and fancy drinks, you can have a complete harbor experience. 

For sushi fans, there’s an excellent sushi bar called Carib Sushi. There are over 100 dishes on their menu, and you’ll get a chance to eat all sorts of food, too. 


Once your adventure at Fort Frederick ends, you can visit the other two forts — Fort George and Fort Matthew. They offer a terrific continuation of the journey into history and even more great views. 

If you love diving, you’re in for a treat, too — there’s a diving tour that takes you to the man-made sculpture exhibit underwater. It’s magical, and it will probably remind you of Atlantis or some city lost under the sea. 

You can also visit Annandale Falls, a beautiful waterfall near the city, which offers swimming and hiking opportunities. 


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