Is Grenada safe for tourists?

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This year I set my sights on visiting Grenada but wonder “is Grenada safe?”. It can be scary just thinking about visiting a Caribbean island, especially in light of the recent negative media coverage of

Why all-inclusive resorts are awesome!

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In this article, you will learn why all-inclusive vacation packages are the bomb and practically guarantee the success of your Caribbean vacation. You’ll also discover reputable travel sites offering all-inclusive trips so you can save

Caribbean Islands You Can Visit Without A Passport

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Experiencing a Caribbean Island is exciting, relaxing and filled with adventure. Getting to the Caribbean destination can be a big hassle, especially international travel which also requires a passport. Luckily, there are awesome Caribbean Islands

How Were The Caribbean Islands Formed?

The Caribbean islands are fascinating and mysterious land formations that attract people from all over the world for their beauty and exploration opportunities.  We know the Caribbean islands didn’t pop out of nowhere, so where

Why is Caribbean Water so Clear and Blue?

clear blue water in the caribbean

When visiting a beach destination in the Caribbean you may wonder why the water is so incredibly clear and beautiful. Some describe the water as blue, azure, cerulean or just blue/green. Regardless, most people would

The 16 Safest Beach Towns in Mexico to Vacation

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Traveling outside your own state can be a little unnerving, especially for newbie travelers. Traveling to Mexico can add one extra element of uncertainty, given the recent news stories regarding illnesses, assaults, and even deaths

The surprising truth about girls’ getaways

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Girls’ getaways are so important for a woman’s mental health and well-being. Unfortunately, they are often misunderstood or confused with crazy Las Vegas bachelorette parties or the sloppy drunk Girls Gone Wild chicks down in

Ecotourism in Grenada

Grenada offers everything you would expect from an island destination: stunning beaches, fascinating underwater worlds, and relaxed village vibes. In recent times, the country has been adding ecotourism opportunities to the list so tourists from

Girls’ Getaway to Key West, Florida

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Overview of Girls’ Getaway Destination: Key West, FloridaDates: May 28 – 31, 2019Duration: 3 nightsTemps: 85-88℉ (Feels like 93℉ with the humidity)Hotel: Courtyard Key West WaterfrontNumber of Getaway Girls: 3Overall Getaway Rating: 4.5 Stars The