What is the beach like at Sandals Grenada?

When planning a Caribbean vacation it’s important to know what the beach will be like. Most Sandals Resorts are famous for their amazing beaches with crystal blue water and powder white sand but the beaches at some resorts can have rough waters and coarser sand which can make it challenging to enjoy the water sports. So, what’s the beach like at Sandals Grenada? Inquiry minds want to know…so I decided to find out.

Sandals Grenada is located on Pink Gin Beach on the Southwest coast of the main island of Grenada. Pink Gin Beach has soft white sand and crystal blue calm water from the breakwater that surrounds the beach. The gentle waves are ideal for water activities.  

I’ve traveled to many islands in the Caribbean and there is no question some beaches are more desirable than others. I decided to explore the Sandals Grenada beach in more detail and learn about the other beaches Grenada has to offer.

Sandals Grenada Pink Gin Beach

What is the beach like at Sandals Grenada?

Sandals are known for their adults-only, all-inclusive luxury resorts throughout the Caribbean. Unlike most resorts that “call themselves” all-inclusive, Sandals really means it. 

Sandals Resorts include water sports that most all-inclusive resorts charge extra for such as Hobie Cats, paddleboards, kayaks, and even motorized sports.

In order for their guests to enjoy the water sports the beach needs to be conducive to swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and more. That is, the water should be calm, clear and relatively shallow. Sandals Grenada does not disappoint. 

The resort rests on Pink Gin Beach on the most southwestern point of the island south of the capital St. George’s. 

The horseshoe-shaped harbor boasts crystal clear and calm water. It’s also nice and shallow with a gentle slope as you head into the water. Conditions are perfect for snorkeling or any other water sport that floats your boat.

The sand consists of white and powdery sand. The white sand is essentially tiny pieces of broken coral.

Shade can be found here and there under a few palm trees that dot the beach or one of the palapas provided by Sandals.

Pink Gin Beach is a public beach but Sandals is the only resort on it.  It’s unlikely you’ll find locals on Pink Gin – they tend to prefer the beaches further north such as Grand Anse or Morne Rouge. 

The beach was originally named Pingouin Beach back when in the late 1600’s when the French governed the island.  Pingouin is french for penguin. You won’t find penguins on Grenada – then or now.  It’s unclear why the French gave it this name.

When the British took over the island in the 1700s, the island was renamed Pink Gin Beach. Neville from grenada-beaches.com states Pink Gin Beach got its name from “the fashionable UK cocktail which consists of Gin and a dash or two of Angostura Bitters”. That makes more sense!

Directly north of Pink Gin Beach is one of Grenada’s popular beaches – Magazine Beach.  Treacherous cliffs separate the two beaches so unfortunately, you aren’t able to walk from one to the other.

A picture is worth a thousand words, wouldn’t you agree?

Grand Anse Beach in Grenada
Grand Anse Beach in Grenada

Grenada has many other Gorgeous Beaches to checkout

If you’re staying at Sandals and want to venture out, there are plenty of other beaches to enjoy in Grenada. 45 other beaches to be exact!

Since all beaches on in Grenada are public, there’s little preventing you from checking them out … except perhaps reaching the beach. Some of the more remote beaches require a 4×4 vehicle to get there.

Below is an overview of the most popular beaches on the main island of Grenada. (There are other beaches on the nation’s other 2 islands Carriacou and Petit Martinique).

Grand Anse BeachThe most popular beach on the island with serene and calm conditions all the time. This beach is located on the southwestern side of the island and its soft white sand stretches for 2 miles.
Morne Rouge BeachThis beach also has very calm conditions as it’s contained within a bay on the southwestern side of the island, south of Grand Anse Beach
Magazine BeachMagazine Beach is also located on the southwestern side of Grenada, north of Pink Gin and south of Morne Rouge. Check this one out if you like a quieter environment yet are still close to the action.
La Sagesse BeachA calm and shallow cove located on the southeastern part of the island.
Bathway BeachA popular beach with the locals and tourists alike. Located on the northeastern side of the island, waters can be a bit rougher especially during winter when the winds kick up.
Levera BeachBeautiful semi-private beach on the northern side of the island with a full view of Sugar Island. Renting a 4×4 vehicle is recommended to cross the rough terrain that leads you to this beach.
Sauteurs BeachNot as popular as the others but just as gorgeous. Check it out for a more private experience. Also located on the northern side of the island but easier access than Levera Beach (no 4×4 required)

Grenada is one of the last remaining unspoiled Caribbean beach destinations. The Pink Gin Beach that Sandals Grenada rests on is a popular choice for its calm water and soft sandy beach. When visiting be sure to check out some of the other beaches the island nation has to offer.

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