Where is Grenada Located?

map showing distance from Miami to Grenada and Venezuela to Grenada

Some people confuse the Caribbean island of Grenada with the city in Spain spelled a bit differently – Granada. Although they have related histories, Grenada the Caribbean Island nation, and Granada the city in Spain

Leatherback Sea Turtle Tours in Grenada

A leatherback sea turtle swimming.

Leatherback turtles are the largest species of sea turtle and can be found on the shores of Grenada. These creatures are now endangered due to various factors, and there is a big focus on preventing

is Grenada a 3rd world country?

African boy smiling and happy

Would you like to vacation in a 3rd world country?  For most of us, thoughts of a 3rd world country conjure up images of poverty, crime, and filthy living conditions – not a vacation destination.

Are there snakes on Grenada?

When I visit Grenada in a few months I plan to explore the interior of the island and wonder if I could encounter any snakes.  Snakes are really cool, as long as they’re nowhere near

Is Grenada safe for tourists?

skull and crossbones

This year I set my sights on visiting Grenada but wonder “is Grenada safe?”. It can be scary just thinking about visiting a Caribbean island, especially in light of the recent negative media coverage of

Caribbean Islands You Can Visit Without A Passport

passport with the word nope stamped across it

Experiencing a Caribbean Island is exciting, relaxing and filled with adventure. Getting to the Caribbean destination can be a big hassle, especially international travel which also requires a passport. Luckily, there are awesome Caribbean Islands

How Were The Caribbean Islands Formed?

The Caribbean islands are fascinating and mysterious land formations that attract people from all over the world for their beauty and exploration opportunities.  We know the Caribbean islands didn’t pop out of nowhere, so where

Why is Caribbean Water so Clear and Blue?

clear blue water in the caribbean

When visiting a beach destination in the Caribbean you may wonder why the water is so incredibly clear and beautiful. Some describe the water as blue, azure, cerulean or just blue/green. Regardless, most people would

The 16 Safest Beach Towns in Mexico to Vacation

maroma beach in mexico

Traveling outside your own state can be a little unnerving, especially for newbie travelers. Traveling to Mexico can add one extra element of uncertainty, given the recent news stories regarding illnesses, assaults, and even deaths