How to Fly Direct from Canada to Grenada (+ 8 Money Savings Tips)

While planning a recent trip to Grenada I was surprised at how difficult it was to find flight information. It was a challenge to learn which airlines flew to Grenada, what days of the week they flew there, and which times of the year.  Since the information was not readily available I spent time digging online and calling airlines. I documented my findings and am sharing them with you today – so you don’t have to go through the same rigamarole I did.

What Airlines Fly Direct to Grenada from Canada? Air Canada and Sunwing Airlines fly direct to Grenada. Both airlines fly out of Toronto Pearson International Airport to Maurice Bishop International Airport in St. Georges, Grenada.

(Updated 2/24/20}

Planning a trip to Grenada should be fun and exciting. Sure, I expected to spend maybe an hour online discovering options for air and hotel but not hours and days on the phone with airlines dancing around the questions  “what day do you want to leave?” and “how long do you want to stay?” when my answer was always I DON’T KNOW!   

How to Plan a Trip to Grenada When you Don’t Have Firm Dates

If you’re like me, when I begin thinking about planning a trip I don’t have specific dates in mind. I may not even have a time of year in mind. I just know the destination and am on a mission to gather the information that will help me determine when I want to go.

If you’re not sure why Grenada is worth visiting, check out my article 20 Reasons Why Grenada is Totally Worth It.

Sure, if you know the exact dates of your trip it’s a little bit easier. Just go to Skyscanner or Google Flights, plug in the dates, and voila! 

If you’re lucky and choose dates the airlines are actually flying to Grenada, you are presented with the flight options.

If you have average luck like me, instead of getting flight options you get options for “flight adventures”.

Flight adventures are a combination of several stops &/or layovers and take more than a day to get to your destination. They are a long, tiresome, and inefficient way to get to your destination.

Flight Adventures

Unless you’re a nomad traveling to Grenada with just a backpack, or someone who loves airports and plane rides, flight adventures suck. They are a long, tiresome, and inefficient way to get to your destination.

Flight search tools return flight adventures because the dates you input in the tool are days the airlines are not scheduled to fly to your destination. So, the tool has no choice but to piece together a trip that gets you from point A to point B.

For example, below is a flight adventure presented to me after using Milwaukee (from) and Grenada (to) and just guessing a date. (Remember, this happens when you don’t know the airlines’ schedule)

flight itinerary for montreal canada to grenada

This flight adventure starts in Montreal, Canada then heads south to Charlotte, North Carolina in the US, then a bit more south to Miami, Florida until finally landing in Grenada. What an adventure! I’m rather impressed this only took 24 hours.

How to Easily Plan Your Flight to Grenada & Avoid Flight Adventures

Using the flight search tools in an efficient manner that doesn’t result in hours upon hours of research and ripping of hair requires you to know which airlines fly direct from Canada to Grenada and on which days.

Toronto Pearson International Airport is the only airport in Canada that lies directly to Grenada. The table that follows details the days and seasonality of their flights.

Canada to Grenada Flight Information

Air Canada flies several direct flights each week from Toronto Pearson Airport to Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport for a total distance of 2,421 miles (3,897 km) from airport to airport. 

The distance from Toronto, Canada to St. Georges, Grenada is approximately 2,421 miles or 3,897 kilometers.

Canada to Grenada Flight Length

The typical flight length is 5 hours and 15 minutes. For a complete scenery change to show up in a tropical paradise, 5 hours isn’t too bad. 

Air Canada Schedule to Grenada

Here is Air Canada’s flight schedule from Canada’s Toronto Pearson Airport to Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport

January – AprilTuesday, Thursday, Saturday
May – AugustMonday, Friday
September – NovemberMonday, Saturday
DecemberTuesday, Saturday

Sunwing Airline’s Schedule to Grenada

Below is Sunwing’s flight schedule from Canada’s Toronto Pearson Airport to Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport

January – AprilTuesday, Thursday, Saturday
May – AugustMonday, Friday
September – NovemberMonday, Saturday
DecemberTuesday, Saturday

Disclaimer: The schedules referenced in this article were current at the time of writing and subject to change at any time. Always check with the airline directly to confirm their current schedule.

How Much is Airfare to Grenada?  

The airfare prices I’ve seen to fly direct from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Grenada are between $745 and $2,300 round trip, per person.

Keep in mind, the cost of airfare is highly dependent on several factors including the time of year you will be traveling, your originating destination (the airport you live closest to), and the class of seating you choose.

Time of Year You’ll Be Traveling

The cost of airfare follows basic economic principles – as demand increases so do prices.

More people want to travel around the holidays – especially Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter – so travel costs are higher during these times.

The same goes for springtime in general. If it’s gloomy Gus in Canada, people are heading south.

You can save on airfare by traveling during the off-season – summer, and fall – except holidays.

Check out my article Cheapest Times to Visit Grenada for even more in-depth tips. This article also includes examples.

Your Originating Destination

The further you are from the city that flies directly to Grenada, the more you will likely pay because you need to pay to travel from your origination to a city that flies direct to Grenada. 

In this case, if you don’t leave near Toronto Pearson International Airport, you’ll either need to fly or drive to get there. This adds to the overall time.

Class of Seating

Most airlines offer fare types or classes of seating to appeal to different types of travelers – those looking for the rock bottom pricing, and those that expect more comfort and amenities.

Air Canada Classes of Service

Air Canada offers two classes for the flights from Toronto to Grenada: Economy and Business Class. The economy class is the least expensive followed by the business class. Air Canada then offers levels of service & features within each class. The more service & features, the higher the fare goes.

Air Canada Economy Class Offerings

Economy ClassCostFeatures
Standard$Checked bags for a fee
Changes for a fee
50% Aeroplan/Altitude Qualifying Miles
Flex$$1st checked bag free
Changes for a discounted fee
100% Aeroplan/Altitude Qualifying Miles
Free standard seat selection
Comfort$$$1st checked bag free
Free changes up to 61 days before departure
115% Aeroplan/Altitude Qualifying Miles
Free Preferred and standard seat selection
1 select alcoholic beverage included
Free same-day standby
Latitude$$$$2 checked bags free
Free changes and cancellations
125% Aeroplan/Altitude Qualifying Miles
Free Preferred and standard seat selection
Free meal or premium beverage & snack
Free same-day standby
Priority check-in, baggage and boarding

Air Canada Business Class Offerings

Business ClassCostFeatures
Premium Rouge$A larger seat with more reclining, and an extra 17.8 cm/7 in of legroom
Premium cuisine, wine, and spirits
Streaming wireless inflight entertainment
Priority check-in and boarding
Two checked bags free
Free Maple Leaf Lounge access on select flights
Lowest$$2 checked bags free
Maple Leaf Lounge access
Larger seat, more recline, and legroom
Premium cuisine, wine, and spirits
Priority check-in and boarding
150% Aeroplan/Altitude Qualifying Miles
Flexible$$$2 checked bags free
Maple Leaf Lounge access
Larger seat, more recline, and legroom
Premium cuisine, wine, and spirits
Priority check-in and boarding
150% Aeroplan/Altitude Qualifying Miles
Free changes, cancellations, standby

Saving money generally requires you to book an economy seat. You may not get a free drink but the potential for savings can be significant.

Sunwing Classes of Service

Sunwing offers 3 classes of seating: Regular, Flexible, and Full. Each class is relatively close in price

Business ClassCostFeatures
Regular$Regular is designed for the value traveler. It comes with restrictions so Sunwing recommends you purchase travel insurance with this option.
Flexible$ + 25.00This fare includes Sunwing’s “Worry-Free Cancellation Waiver (a $25 value).
Full$ + 45.00Full includes travel insurance and the airline’s Worry-Free Cancellation Waiver.

Tips for Savings on Airfare from Canada to Grenada

Who wouldn’t want to save money – especially on a big-ticket item such as airfare?

There are a variety of ways to save on airfare. Some of them we already discussed include selecting an economy class with limited features and flying off-peak.

Depending on how much effort and hassle you want to put into it…there are more ways you can save money on airfare.

Money-Saving tip #1: Air Canada’s Website

Air Canada makes it so simple to scan for airfare deals. From their home page just plug in the from and to destinations then click the big red Find button.

From there you can scan month to month and see the prices. Hmmm, would I like to pay $1,116 on March 12th or $769 on March 19th? Decisions, decisions.

Be sure to check back often on Air Canada’s website for new Special Offers throughout the year.

Money-Saving Tip #2: Indirect Flights

Consider an Indirect Flight (with stops): Instead of a direct/non-stop flight, consider indirect or a flight with stops. The travel duration will be longer but it is an option and may save money. For example, Caribbean Airlines offers service from Toronto to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and then to Grenada.

Money-Saving Tip #3: Sunwing’s Vacation Packages

Many airlines offer vacation packaging, and so does Sunwing. You can save upwards of several hundred dollars per person by combining your airfare and hotel with the same travel organization. It’s worth checking out.

Money-Saving Tip #4: Buy Ahead of Time

Buy in Advance: The sweet spot for buying international airfare is between 1.5 – 5.5 months before departure. Earlier or later than this timeframe can cost you more. -Per Fare Compare.

Money-Saving Tip #5: Fly During the Week

Fly on a weekday: Book travels on the cheapest days to fly – usually weekdays for international travel. -Per Fare Compare.

Money-Saving Tip #6: Setup an Alert

Setup an alert: Several airfare search sites (i.e. Skyscanner, Google Flights) allow you to set up an alert for your trip whereby they will email you when the fare has changed. If the fare goes down to a price that delights you, buy immediately!

Money-Saving Tip #7: Credit Card Points

Credit Card Points: Apply for an airline points credit card to gain points toward the purchase of airline tickets. This typically requires you to charge a few thousand dollars for the care within a specified period of time (i.e. 3 months).

Read the fine print carefully.

Be sure to factor in any other charges, such as annual fees, to determine if the card is really going to save you money in the long run.

Money-Saving Tip #8: Book Group Tickets Separately

Book Group Tickets Separately: When researching airfare always search for 1 adult ticket even if there’s a group of you traveling. If you search for 4 adult tickets and each ticket has a different price, you’ll be charged all 4 seats at the highest ticket price. BS if you ask me — but that’s how it works.

. . .

Life can be challenging at times. I don’t think planning a relaxing vacation should be one of those times. Everyone should have an opportunity to visit the amazing country of Grenada and not let the roadblocks of finding travel information stand in the way. I hope you found this information valuable and a real timesaver. Happy planning!

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